RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#434
  • Date:May 20, 2013
  • Run Time:1:14:40
  • Download: MP3

The Best of RISK! Music 4

More of our favorite music from the most recent RISK! episodes.


  1. I so very appreciate all of the wonderful music that you include in your shows.

  2. I would subscribe to a podcast of Risk music!

  3. Great music, I can always depend on that from your podcast. I share this music with whoever will listen.

  4. really struggling to identify songs and artists on the podcast, then buy the tracks i like …i am 43 so perhaps this is just me.

  5. would be great to see you release these after the podcast in a Spotify playlist. I’d subscribe! Great work!!!!

  6. Can’t get enough of these tunes!
    Where’s the playlist from the previous “best of music”?
    Am looking for that Sexual Healing cover from episode 2…

  7. Some great songs thanks Kevin and team. Two new fav bands directly from your show. LOVE the show.

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