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  • Episode:#209
  • Date:February 09, 2011
  • Run Time:1:00:15
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Son of Strange Sex

Rich Fulcher, the Sklar Bros, Peaches Christ and Kevin Allison tell true stories of sex gone weird.

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Storytelling Credits

“How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?”- The Sklar Brothers
“Vegetables With Benefits”- Kevin Allison
“Fulcher? I Hardly Even Knew Her!”- Rich Fulcher
“Who’s Blowin’ Who?”- Joshua Grannell (aka Peaches Christ)

Music Credits

“Was It Good For You?”- Jeff Barr
“Sexy Beast”- Shawn Lee
“Sodomy”- Original German Cast of “Hair”
“Thanksgiving Dinner”- Mike Phirman
“Gay Paranoia”- diNbOT
“How Not to Talk Dirty”- Animals Within Animals
“Sexmachine”- Happy Elf
“Sexual High”- Go Home Productions

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  1. Oh, it’s so funny to be seeing you after so long, girlAnd with the way you look, I utradsnend that you were not impressedBut I heard you let that little friend of mineTake off your party dressI’m not gonna get too sentimentalLike those other sticky valentines Cause I don’t know if you are loving some bodyI only know it isn’t mineAllison, I know this world is killing youOh, Allison, my aim is trueThank you Elvis Costello!

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