RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#125
  • Date:September 08, 2010
  • Run Time:1:05:33
  • Download:


Carlos Kotkin, Jason Nash, Ophira Eisenberg, David Barlow and Melanie Maras tell true tales about a variety of topics. Today, the theme is no theme! Carlos Kotkin meets a match on the Internet with an infectious way about her. Jason Nash gets a talking to from his son. Ophira Eisenberg is there for her mom when the ticker starts tocking. David Barlow gets lost in the Indian jungle. Melanie Maras loses a phone and gains a stalker. Jon Nelson joins in with some sound collage.

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Storytelling Credits

“The H Word”- Carlos Kotkin
“Into the Woods”- David Barlow (edited and music by David Crabb)
“Dial C For Creepy”- Melanie Maras (edited by David Crabb)
“Heart Work”- Ophira Eisenberg
“Cookie Monster”- Jason Nash (edited by Andy Kroner)

Music Credits

“RISK”- Besatree
“Chinese Chillin”- Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
“Sink/Let It Sway”- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
“Pickpocket”- Fujiya and Miyagi
“Coincidence”- Jon Nelson
“Ant Marching Band”- Dave Girtsman
“Hillbilly Beatboxing”- The Evolution Control Committee
“Dial C for Creepy” featured music by Automatic Arms and David Crabb
“The Weather Episode”- Go Home Productions
“O Vos Omnes”- The Tudor Consort
“Cookie Monster” featured music by Andy Kroner and Matt Gossett
“The Lives of Strangers”- Friday Mile

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