RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#213
  • Date:April 08, 2011
  • Run Time:1:02:51
  • Download:


Brian Huskey, Eric Andre, Smith Galtney, Jesse Krakow and Nina Mozes share stories of weird scenes inside the world of song. Music by Slothbear, DJ Lobsterdust and Mike Phirman.

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Storytelling Credits

“Stigmata”- Eric Andre
“Untitled”- Jesse Krakow
“Starfucker”- Smith Galtney
“What I Make is Me”- Nina Mozes
“Stand Up So I Can Slam You”- Brian Huskey

Music Credits

“Oxus Armlets”-Slothbear
“A Child’s Introduction to Drums”- Ruckus Roboticus
“It’s Fun to Smoke Dust”- D.J. Lobsterdust
“Whoop Whoop”-
“Clear the Floor”- Mike Phirman

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