RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#310
  • Date:December 19, 2016
  • Run Time:56:30
  • Download: MP3

Holiday Stories 1

A Christmas show! Elna Baker, Matteson Perry, Tracy Rowland and Brad Lawrence share wondrous tales of Christmas past.

SONG: RISK! by Wormburner & John Sondericker

SONG: The Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown by DJ John

LIVE STORY: A Thinner Christmas by Tracy Rowland

SONG: Jingle Jane by Divide & Kreate

LIVE STORY: The Exorcist by Matteson Perry

SONG: My Mouth’s Screaming by Jeff Barr

LIVE STORY: A Christmas Miracle by Brad Lawrence

SONG: Little Drummered by Jeff Barr

LIVE STORY: For the Love of Nubbins by Elna Baker

SONG: Be My Baby by Kids

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  1. Glad to hear the glorious return of the Stamps.com song! The boring, supercilious hater who complained can suck it (figuratively speaking).

  2. I love the stamps.com song, but I think it was nice of Kevin to not sing it for the benefit of that one person who didn’t enjoy it. It was thoughtful! But yeah, keep singing it, I love it. The Elna Baker story is one of my all time RISK favorites.

  3. Seriously though, the stamps.com song is the shiznit. It must stay.

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