RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#122
  • Date:July 28, 2010
  • Run Time:1:07:09
  • Download:


Elna Baker, Matt McCarthy, Victor Varnado and Lee Camp share stories about heroes, zeroes and ways to tell the difference. Elna Baker rescues a nutty beast of a dog, Matt McCarthy is almost kidnapped while playing the Fordham University Ram, Victor Varnado gets in a bar fight, and Lee Camp tells Fox News viewers they're watching a festival of ignorance.

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Storytelling Credits

“Ram Tough”- Matt McCarthy
“Dog Days”- Elna Baker
“The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey”- Victor Varnado
“Goin’ To The Festival”- Lee Camp

Music Credits

“Risk Taking Man”- Alec Gross
“Raining Blood”- Retrigger
“Fordham Fight Song”- The RH College Glee Club
“Je Ne Comprends Pas”- Fujiya & Miyagi
“Three Legged Dog”- Firewater
“Just a Hero”- The Kreellers
“French Beach”- Thick Business
“Right Like a Railroad”- Bob Ostertag
“Be Brave”- The Strange Boys

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