RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#212
  • Date:March 24, 2011
  • Run Time:1:04:41
  • Download:


Elna Baker, Peter Aguero, Hanuman Welch and David Crabb share stories of faking it or being faked out. Music by Hellogoodbye, Ninja Sex Party, Alice Smith and more.

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Storytelling Credits

“The Trouble With Whitey”- Peter Aguero
“Like a Virgin”- Elna Baker
“Clean Living”- Hanuman Welch
“Can You Handle This?”- David Crabb

Music Credits

“Alligator”-Ninja Sex Party
“Roman Agents with Fake Beards”- Vernon Lenoir
“Living a Lie”- Jon Langford
“Joe the Doctor”- Jean Shepherd and Latche Swing
“Hungaria/Sweet Georgia Brown”- Latche Swing
“Fake is the New Real”- Alice Smith
“Bowling at the Southway”- Jane & Jeff of Riskybbq.com
“Pretender”- John Oswald
“Nancy”- Teddy Presberg
“The Maniacs”- Coyle & Sharp
“When We First Met”- Hellogoodbye

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